For Developers, this will be a wonderful opportunity to create a long-lasting solution for Farmers in the sub-Saharan Africa. WAZIHack will be an IoT Challenge and the use of Big Data to create solutions. The first of its kind in Ghana, WAZIHack 17 will be hosted by iSpace Foundation who are partners in the WAZIUP Project. The registration Link is LIVE here:

What is the WAZIUP Project?

The WAZIUP project is an Open Innovation Platform for IoT-Big Data in sub-Saharan Africa. It is a collaborative research project using state of the art technology whiles applying IoT and Big Data to improve the working conditions in the rural ecosystem of sub-Saharan Africa. It also engages the flourishing ICT ecosystem in the sub-Saharan region by fostering new tools and good practices, entrepreneurship, and startups. Aimed at boosting the ICT sector, WAZIUP proposes solutions aiming at long-term sustainability.

About WAZIHack

WAZIHack is a 2-day Hackathon that will bring the brightest of minds in IoT and Big Data together to create solutions for the rural ecosystem. Newbies in IoT are also welcome to take part in this Hackathon. Before the Hack begins, participants will be primed on Internet of Things, its latest trends and how to create solutions in the field of IoT and Big Data.  
They will also be introduced to seasoned experts who will teach them how to Pitch their idea. 10 projects/ team will be selected for the Hackathon and then Participants will move into intense 48 hours of building the next big thing for Farmers. Do you feel challenged to take part in this, Register your idea/project here:

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